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Thailand Was a Trip!

12 days on the ground. 38 hours of travel time. So many amazing photos. Thailand was a trip (pun intended). It shouldn’t have taken me this long to process this trip honestly, but shortly after getting back from this trip, I decided to go to Ghana. I was all over the place, yes. If you […]

I’m Going to Thailand…and I’m Scared!

Disclaimer- this was a newsletter turned blog post. For those who stumble upon this blog after I return from my trip and read my follow up blog post on how my trip was, I wanted you to have some context. Enjoy! Grab your coffee, wine (if you’re reading this after work hours) or snacks! It’s […]

Loving Myself a Little Louder: Self-love

Valentine’s Day 2017 week was trash. It was absolute basura. I was a wreck from the events that transpired and I am still dealing with the residual theoretic dust from that fiasco. 2018 was OK. I don’t really think I thought about it much. This year, I am focusing on myself, my friendships, and relationships […]

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